This is the Page Creation Portal. Use it to make all types of pages. FAN FICTION ARTICLES ARE NOT ALLOWED, A BLOCK WILL OCCUR IF MADE. Here are some notes on page creation:

  • Comments - Comments are the orange squares that are only visible during editing. Read and remove them the same way you would do so to a template.
  • Variables - A variable is a bit of text in parentheses. "(Like this)." They instruct you on what to replace them with.

Credit goes to Phineas and Ferb Wiki for the original idea.

  • If you have any difficulty with creating pages, ask one of the administrators.

3rd Part unitsEdit

Use the button below to make a new episode page for [[3rd Party unis.]]


Use the button below to make a page for a character. Omnitrix aliens do not count as characters in this case.

Omnitrix AliensEdit

Section to be added. For now, Click here to make Omnitrix aliens' pages.


Use the button below to make a page for an item or spell.

Blog PostsEdit

Blogs are great ways to share ideas with other users, although you are not allowed to post fan fiction in blogs. Use the button below to make a blank blog post.

Create a Blog Post


Categories are things you can add to the bottom of a page to help identify and locate a page. However, the categories themselves are in pages. Use the button below to make a page for a category.


A template is a special type of page that you can add to other pages by typing {{TemplateNameGoesHere}} on pages wherever you want the template to be. Use the button below to make a template. Note that you are forced into Source Mode whenever you're editing a template.


You are welcome to start on a clean slate by starting a blank page from scratch if it does not match any of the above page types. A menu will pop up giving you three choices The top 10 list, standard and completely blank page.

Other TaskEdit

These are other Task you can use to fulfill the function of creating a new page.


These Buttons can help you uplaod pictures to improve articles. However you must be a registered user of Wikia to upload photos

Upload a Photo

Upload Mutiple photos


You can click this button and access the sandbox to practice your skills.Sandbox